The training on water loss reduction in Mannheim, Germany was attended by 29 participants and was composed of 2 days Training of Trainers (for 10 potential trainers) and 3 days of Technical Training.  This technical training was attended by 19 representatives of water utilities and authorities of five African countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia), three European countries (Germany, Hungary and Luxemburg) and Oman with the following objectives:

  • to understand the different types of water losses, their causes and impacts 
  • to be able to establish a water balance
  • to know appropriate information systems and to be able to apply them
  • to know different types of pressure management equipment and how & where to use them

 This event took place within the training centre of VAG-Armaturen, and the participants could also visit the production and the visitor centre of the company.