A training for future trainers has been organised in St. Lucia for water utility staff members and community college lecturers from 8 Caribbean countries.



The objectives of the Training of Trainers (ToT) seminar have been defined as follows:

  • Deepening of know-how in the field of waterloss reduction (WLR) and being able to pass this knowledge on to participants in the course of a training (WLR guidelines as technical background material).
  • Understanding and experiencing the interactive training methodology, based on the experiential learning approach (basic concept).
  • Being able to prepare, to carry out and to evaluate (parts of) the modules WLR training.
  • Deepening skills and capabilities in the field of non-revenue water (NRW) reduction, especially related to water balance (WB) calculation, performance indicators, NRW reduction strategy and action planning as well as implementation of concrete measures.