The training on water loss reduction was held in Uganda from 24 to 25 October 2012 at the International Resource Centre in Bugolobi, Kampala. A total of 20 engineers of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) of Uganda participated in the training.The training focused on the modules 2 and 3 of the guidelines for water loss reduction developed by the Strategic Alliance. Key components of the training were: 

  • Introduction to different types of water losses, their causes and impacts.
  • Overview over different methods and instruments for water loss reduction.
  • Calculation and interpretation of the infrastructure leakage index (ILI) as a performance indicator.
  • Introduction to existing information systems for water loss reduction.
  • Hands-on training on hydraulic network models (using the free software EPANET) to identify optimum district metered areas for a water distribution network.
  • Economic benefits from pressure management.